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Trucking Companies in Kentucky (includes details)

Welcome to Kentucky, the hub of trucking industry operations! This is the home of the logistics gurus, where trucking companies offer an array of services catering to every transportation need you may have

Full List Of trucking companies in Kentucky

Taz Trucking


Trucks: Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, Volvo VNL 780

Description: Taz Trucking is a rapidly growing transportation and logistics company, specializing in truckload and LTL freight between the Midwest and the East Coast. They offer various services including long haul and regional services.

Phone : (270) 782-9093

Bluegrass Dedicated


Trucks: Kenworth, Freightliner

Description: Bluegrass Dedicated offers customized logistics solutions including dedicated, warehousing, and regional transportation services.

Phone : 270-282-2211

Carnes Trucking


Trucks: Kenworth T680, Freightliner Cascadia

Description: Carnes Trucking has been in operation since 1985, providing customers with dedicated services across the United States and Canada.

Phone : 800-828-0963

Walbert Trucking


Trucks: Peterbilt, Volvo

Description: Walbert Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company offering a wide range of services across the US.

Phone : 270-651-6784

Paschall Truck Lines (PTL)


Trucks: Freightliner, International

Description: With over fifty employees and 80 years in business, PTL is an employee-owned company providing a variety of services including OTR, dedicated, and logistics services.

Phone : 866-740-3239

Status Transportation Corporation


Trucks: Freightliner, Peterbilt

Description: Status Transportation offers trucking opportunities for owner-operators with no forced dispatch and the ability to choose loads.

Phone : 407-574-7990

Fraley & Schilling


Trucks: Kenworth, Freightliner

Description: Fraley & Schilling specializes in lightweight equipment that allows for more cargo per load, focusing on short hauls.

Phone : +1 765-932-5977

M&M Cartage


Trucks: Kenworth, Volvo

Description: M&M Cartage is a family-owned transportation company that focuses on sustainability efforts and reducing their carbon footprint.

Phone : (502) 456-4586

Online Transport


Trucks: International, Freightliner

Description: Online Transport provides various transport services including dedicated, regional, and long-haul, with a strong focus on safety.

Phone : 866-543-1235

Averitt Express


Trucks: Freightliner, Volvo

Description: Averitt Express is a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain management with international reach.

Phone : 877-281-7131

Smith Creek


Trucks: Peterbilt, Kenworth

Description: Smith Creek offers services in waste disposal and transportation to customers across the Midwest and Southern states.

Phone : (812) 923-5111

Raj Transport Inc.


Trucks: Volvo, Kenworth

Description: Raj Transport Inc. is an operated company and a well-established logistics company specializing in intermodal trucking services.

Phone : (859) 288.0016

Superior Carriers


Trucks: Freightliner, Kenworth

Description: Superior Carriers is known for its bulk transportation and logistics services across North America.

Phone : 1-877-436-4331

Big G Express


Trucks: Kenworth, International

Description: Big G Express is a 100% employee-owned truckload carrier that provides flexible and reliable services.

Trimac Transportation


Trucks: Kenworth, Volvo

Description: Trimac Transportation offers bulk transport and related distribution and industrial services.

Phone : (403) 298 5100

Trucking Company Pay in Kentucky (Annual Salary)

Company Average Driver Salary
Maverick Transportation, LLC $65,000
Carnes Trucking $62,000
Walbert Trucking $60,000
Bluegrass Dedicated $57,000
UPS Freight Truckload $60,000
TAZ Trucking $55,000
Online Transport $60,000
Paschall Truck Lines, Inc $55,000
Road and Rail Services $55,000
FirstExpress $58,000
Averitt Express $60,000
Fleet Movers, Inc. $50,000
Smith Creek $45,000
Brambles $55,000
Raj Transport Inc. $55,000

Advantages of Choosing Trucking Companies in Kentucky

The Central Location Advantage

Kentucky, a central location, is like a thriving beehive in the transportation industry. It’s strategically located within a day’s drive of 65% of the country’s population. Imagine the benefits of having a trucking company in this prime area!

A Spectrum of Services and Transportation Solutions

From family-owned businesses offering the warm touch of family values to larger corporations providing heavy machinery transportation at competitive rates, Kentucky trucking companies ensure a full suite of services. This includes international shipping, freight shipping, and even specialized services such as single cargo van shipments.

Premier Kentucky Trucking Companies

Bluegrass Trucking Inc.

First up, we have the pride of Bowling Green – Bluegrass Trucking Inc. Known for its reliable service and commitment to best service, it’s a shining star in the trucking industry.

Raj Transport and Walbert Trucking

Ever heard of Raj Transport? Founded in Lexington, Kentucky, it’s a company that has grown from humble beginnings to become a force in the transportation industry. And let’s not forget Walbert Trucking – a company founded and started by family and now operating at a national scale.

Carnes Trucking and Taz Trucking

Family values, best possible service, and a commitment to long-term relationships define Carnes Trucking, a company owned by Gary and Donna Carnes. On the other hand, Taz Trucking, also based in Bowling Green, specializes in long-haul transportation.

Personalized Services for Your Trucking Needs

Intermodal Freight Shipping

Intermodal freight shipping, provided by many Kentucky trucking companies, offers an environmentally sustainable solution for your diverse transportation needs. It’s like having a single key that can unlock multiple locks – a transportation Swiss Army knife!

Heavy Haul Trucking

Need to transport heavy machinery? Trust Kentucky trucking companies to provide this service with safety and efficiency, using their fleet of trucks equipped for such hefty tasks.

Gains of Collaborating with Local Businesses

Expertise in Local Regulations

Trucking companies in Kentucky are like the Obi-Wan Kenobi of regional regulations, mastering every code and ordinance to ensure your business operations run smoothly.

Community and Economic Contribution

Partnering with a local trucking company in Kentucky is more than a service – it’s a contribution to the local community, economy, and small business ecosystem.

Guidelines for Collaborating with a Trucking Company

Assessing the Company’s Reputation

The reputation of a trucking company serves as a reflection of its service quality. It’s like looking at a restaurant’s reviews before booking a table. Do your homework – check customer testimonials, industry ratings, and long-term relationships.

Checking Fleet and Equipment

Just as you wouldn’t buy a house without a home inspection, you shouldn’t choose a trucking company without checking their fleet and equipment. Be it dry vans, less than truckload, or long haul, make sure they’re well equipped.


Selecting the right trucking company in Kentucky can be as simple as Sunday shopping, with a variety of services, customized solutions, and top-notch companies ready to meet your needs. Whether it’s local delivery, national long haul, or international shipping, Kentucky’s trucking industry has got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest paying trucking company in Kentucky?

While specific salaries may vary, some of the highest-paying trucking companies in Kentucky include Taz Trucking, Paschall Truck Lines, and Bluegrass Trucking Inc. These companies provide competitive compensation packages to their drivers, including benefits and bonuses.

Which trucking companies in Kentucky are best for beginners?

For newcomers to the industry, companies like Carnes Trucking and Raj Transport are great starting points. They offer comprehensive training programs, mentoring for new drivers, and supportive work environments.

Why is Kentucky considered a big state for trucking?

Kentucky is a major hub for the trucking industry due to its central location within a day’s drive of 65% of the U.S. population. Its vast network of interstates and highways makes it an ideal location for logistics and transportation companies.

What are the main types of services offered by trucking companies in Kentucky?

Trucking companies in Kentucky offer a broad spectrum of services. This includes long-haul trucking, dry van services, less-than-truckload shipping, intermodal freight transport, local pick-ups and deliveries, international shipping, and logistics services like warehousing and supply chain management.

What benefits does the central location of Kentucky offer for trucking companies?

Kentucky’s central location makes it a strategic choice for trucking companies. It allows for quicker and more efficient transportation to various parts of the country. This geographical advantage can lead to lower costs, faster delivery times, and increased customer satisfaction.

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