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Trucker Life: Career or a Hustle?

Trucker Life

Trucker life is a unique lifestyle that is very nomadic in nature. The road and the truck is your workplace. Being away from friends and family, working for long hours is common. Truck drivers may be more lonely, but their work can offer eventful experiences that can only happen on the road. Truck driving is the most common job for men with high school education.

The dependency on the economy for this role, can mean that at times it becomes less stable and another times it pays premium. Making it seems like it’s a hustle job, which can be hard to make a career.

trucker getting into his truck he is living a trucker life

What Does a Truck Driver Do?

The job of a trucker involves transporting goods from one location to another, often across long distances.

There are different types of trucking jobs, such as over-the-road (OTR) drivers who spend extended periods on the road, or local drivers who work within a specific geographic area.

Truckers need a variety of skills, including good driving skills, time management, and the ability to navigate roads and traffic.

That is only a short description of what truck drivers do. They are actually responsible for a lot more than what is on this list. The biggest responsibility for a truck driver is safety, to avoid fatal crashes.

the inside of a truck showing what a truck driver does

Truck Driving Role Triad

The triad of trucking is regional drivers, local drivers and OTR drivers. Each of these types of roles, have very different benefits and drawbacks. Life of a truck driver will depend on which of these roles you will be actively working in. If you enjoy driving for an eight day period and working purely for money, then OTR is for you.

If you feel disconnected and can’t be on the road for more than three weeks. Then local and regional should be your choice. Typical day will see you with a loaded trailer back home weekly or even daily.

Life on the Road for Truck Drivers

Living in a truck is not an easy task. Truckers often spend weeks away from home, sleeping, eating, and showering in their trucks. They need to manage their time well to ensure that they can make deliveries on time and stay safe on the road.

While the job can be challenging, many truckers find that it allows them to see different parts of the country and experience new things. Truck stops allow for showers, speaking to other drivers and buy snacks. If you have a sleeper cabin in your truck, its common for truckers to stop in a highway to sleep.

life on a road for a trucker trucker standing in front of his truck thinking about his life

Challenges of the a Trucking Job

Being a trucker is a physically and mentally demanding job. Truckers need to deal with traffic and weather conditions, as well as manage stress and loneliness while on the road.

Safety Responsibly For Truck Drivers

They need to stay alert and focused at all times to ensure that they can safely navigate their routes. Performing pre trip inspection, post trip inspection when driving a big rig. Its a vital part of trucking to take care of the truck.

Other challenges of trucking are with the companies that truck drivers have to work with. More often then not truck drivers will have some negative experiences, where they may not get paid, their pay will be on hold.

Social Difficulties of Truck Driving

Being away from loved ones and only speaking to your dispatcher can sometimes decide how long a truck driver with remain in a role. Since most people don’t get a long and hard work causes stress for both parties. Having limited freedom creates the perfect conditions for constant arguments. Having a good relationship with your dispatcher can truly make your life of a truck driver much better.

Many drivers learn the hard truth that the industry is currently has it’s problems.

Benefits of the Job

Despite the challenges, trucking can be a rewarding career. The industry is in high demand, meaning that job security is good. Truckers can also earn a good salary and benefits, and have the opportunity to travel and see different parts of the country.

For those who enjoy the adventure of the open road, trucking can be an exciting and fulfilling career choice.

the benefit of driving a truck in the mountains and nice landscapes

Truck Driver Work Schedule

Truck drivers typically work long hours and irregular schedules. Many long-haul truckers work for several weeks at a time, spending most of their time on the road.

They may work for up to 14 hours a day, with a maximum of 11 hours driving time. After driving for 11 hours, they are required to take a break of at least 10 consecutive hours before driving again.

Truck Driving in a Team

Team trucking would come into a place where you would switch shifts with your co-worker, keeping the truck running for a longer period. This type of trucking can be less lonely, but definitely harder, due to wear on the truck and being on a road for a long time.

Drivers may also need to work at night or on weekends to meet delivery schedules. The schedule can be challenging and demanding, but many truckers find ways to manage their time effectively and make the most of their downtime on the road.

The Future of Most Truck Drivers

As with many industries, technology is rapidly advancing in the trucking industry. Autonomous trucks, which can drive themselves without a human driver, are being developed and tested.

While this may have an impact on the number of human jobs available, it could also improve safety and efficiency in the industry. The job outlook for truckers remains good, with demand expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Modern Technologies For Truck Drivers

Modern trucks support drivers with technologies that keep on improving rapidly. Even though electronic logs are very disliked amongst older truckers, however they are supposed to make the roads safer. Most drivers use e logs.

Truck Stop Overhaul 2023

The news are also out that truck stops are getting a large influx of investment to ease the use of showers and increase the spacing in the truck stops for over the road truckers.

futuristic truck freightliner

How to Become a Trucker

To begin your truck driver career and get behind the wheel as soon as possible. There are several things that must be done before new drivers get to experience the lifestyle.

To become a truck driver you must:

  1. Be 21 years old to drive state to state.

  2. Pass CDL A training.

  3. Have a proof of state residency.

  4. Have a clean driving record.

  5. Have a social security number.

  6. Have proof of insurance.

  7. Pass initial and periodic drug tests.

  8. Pass a background check.

a young truck driver, who just received his cdl a

Common Questions

What is it like to be a truck driver?

Being a truck driver is a unique profession that offers independence, travel opportunities, and skill development. However, it also comes with challenges like long hours, irregular schedules, physical demands, and social isolation. The experience varies for each individual and requires adaptability, resilience, and a strong work ethic to navigate the demanding nature of the job.

What is a truck driver?

A truck driver is a professional who operates large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers or semi-trucks, to transport goods over long distances. Their responsibilities include planning routes, adhering to safety regulations, maintaining their vehicle, and ensuring timely delivery of cargo. Truck drivers play a crucial role in the supply chain, facilitating the movement of goods between manufacturers, warehouses, and retail locations.

How many days a week do truck drivers work?

The number of days a truck driver works per week varies, but many work over the standard 5-day week. Factors influencing their schedule include company policies, job specifics, and regulations that limit daily driving time and mandate rest periods.

What does a truck driver do?

A truck driver is responsible for maneuvering sizable vehicles such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers to convey merchandise across vast distances. They undertake tasks such as determining optimal routes, complying with safety rules, performing vehicle upkeep, and guaranteeing punctual cargo deliveries. Serving as essential links within the supply chain, truck drivers connect producers, storage facilities, and retailers.

How long are truck driver on the road?

The amount of time truck drivers spend on the road varies depending on factors such as the type of job, route, company policies, and individual preferences. Some drivers may be on the road for a few days at a time, while long-haul truckers can be away from home for weeks or even months. Regulations, like the Hours of Service (HOS) in the United States, limit daily driving time and require rest periods to ensure driver safety, but the overall duration on the road can differ greatly from one driver to another.

Is truck driving a hard job?

Trucking is a challenging job due to long hours, irregular schedules, extended time away from home, and the need for constant alertness. The physical demands of loading and unloading cargo and maintaining the vehicle also contribute to its difficulty. However, some find the independence and travel opportunities rewarding despite these challenges.

How to become a long haul trucker?

  1. Complete high school or obtain a GED.
  2. Enroll in a CDL training program.
  3. Pass the CDL exam (written and skills test).
  4. Obtain endorsements (optional) for specialized jobs.
  5. Gain experience through entry-level jobs or apprenticeships.
  6. Apply for long-haul trucking positions.
  7. Maintain a clean driving record.
  8. Stay updated on regulations and industry trends.

Where do truck drivers work?

Truck drivers transport goods across various industries, including freight, construction, agriculture, and more. They drive on highways and local roads, working for large trucking companies, smaller logistics firms, or as self-employed owner-operators. Their main responsibility is the safe and timely delivery of goods.

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