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Trucking Companies in Indiana (short list)

Welcome to the Hoosier state, Indiana, a state that acts as a thriving hub for numerous trucking companies. These trucking company businesses in Indiana play a key role in the transportation industry and the larger economy. They’re responsible for the steady flow of goods, connecting manufacturers to retailers, farmers to markets, and businesses to their customers.

List Of trucking companies in Indiana

Baylor Trucking


Description: A family-owned company offering dedicated, regional, and long-haul services.

Trucks: Dry van trucks

Phone : 800-322-9567 x 570

Venture Logistics


Description: Offers innovative transportation solutions across North America.

Trucks: Dry van trucks

Phone : 800-337-3607

Celadon Trucking


Description: Offers long haul, regional, local, and dedicated services across North America.

Trucks: Dry van trucks

Online Transport


Description: A leading provider of transportation services across 48 states.

Trucks: Dry van, reefer, and flatbed trucks

Phone : 866-543-1235

Perkins Specialized Transportation


Description: Specializes in hauling oversized and overweight loads across North America.

Trucks: Specialized heavy haul trucks

Phone : (507) 301-0726

Fraley and Schilling


Description: A regional truckload carrier specializing in lightweight equipment.

Trucks: Flatbed and dry van trucks

Phone : (765) 938-1327

HMD Trucking


Description: Offers transportation, logistics, and warehousing services across the U.S.

Trucks: Dry van trucks

Phone : + 1 888 215 8523

Carter Express


Description: Offers cross-border, dedicated, and logistics services.

Trucks: Dry van trucks

Phone : (833) 279-4754

Fast Freight


Description: Provides regional truckload transportation services.

Trucks: Dry van trucks

Phone : 800.268.1564

Morristown Express


Description: Specializes in hauling refrigerated products in the Midwest.

Trucks: Reefer trucks

Phone : 888-260-8875

Star Transport


Description: Specializes in fuel delivery services across the U.S.

Trucks: Tanker trucks

Phone :  (405) 748-3190

Time Dedicated Carriers


Description: Offers dedicated and regional services in the Midwest.

Trucks: Dry van trucks

Phone : 812-649-2617

Wheaton World Wide Moving


Description: One of the world’s most highly regarded providers of moving services.

Trucks: Moving trucks

Phone : 866-799-8763

Boyd and Sons Transportation


Description: Provides flatbed services and specialized transportation.

Trucks: Flatbed trucks

Phone : 812-254-6858

Atlas Van Lines


Description: A leading provider of household and corporate relocation services.Trucks: Moving trucks

Phone : 800-638-9797

Gully Transportation


Description: Provides liquid bulk, dry bulk, and dry van services.

Trucks: Tanker and dry van trucks

Phone : (217) 224-0770

Hoosier Air Transport


Description: Specializes in long haul refrigerated and dry van transportation.

Trucks: Reefer and dry van trucks

Phone : 800-886-2683

Trucking Company Pay in Indiana (Annual Salary)

Trucking Companies Driver Salaries
Company Average Driver Salary
Baylor Trucking$50,000
Venture Logistics$62,000
Celadon Trucking$45,000
Online Transport$55,000
Perkins Specialized Transportation$70,000
Fraley and Schilling$50,000
HMD Trucking$60,000
Perfect Transportation$52,000
Carter Express$57,000
Fast Freight$53,000
Morristown Express$60,000
Regal Inc.$58,000
Star Transport$60,000
Time Dedicated Carriers$50,000
Wheaton World Wide Moving$50,000
Boyd and Sons Transportation$55,000
Dot-Line Transportation$60,000
Atlas Van Lines$48,000
Gully Transportation$55,000
Hoosier Air Transport$57,000

Trucking Industry’s Impact on Indiana’s Economy

The trucking industry in Indiana contributes substantially to the state’s economy. These trucking company businesses provide more than just transportation services. They create job opportunities for locals, from drivers to logistics experts. The trucking company Baylor Trucking, for instance, constantly has open positions for long haul and short haul drivers, fostering employment in the state.

Logistics Companies in Indiana

Many trucking companies in Indiana extend their services to logistics and warehousing, offering superior solutions for businesses. This integration of transportation and logistics service adds another layer of efficiency to Indiana’s transportation services.

Regulation and Standards

Indiana trucking companies uphold the highest quality of service, guided by the Interstate Commerce Commission. They maintain strict safety protocols and are fully licensed to ensure safety in transportation services.

The Challenge and Resilience of Trucking Companies in Indiana

Trucking companies in Indiana, like Baylor Trucking and Venture Logistics, face challenges like fluctuating fuel prices and driver shortages. Yet, they stand tall amidst these adversities, delivering dedicated services while continuously aiming for success.

Emerging Trends and the Future

Advancements in technology and sustainability practices are shaping the future of the3 trucking company businesses in Indiana. For instance, there’s a growing emphasis on electric trucks and autonomous driving in the industry.

Choosing the Best Trucking Company

Considering factors like cost, reliability, and the range of services offered can help you select the best trucking company in Indiana. Customer-focused companies with a commitment to providing fast and on-time deliveries usually make a good choice.


Trucking companies in Indiana are more than just profit-driven businesses. They’re the backbone of Indiana’s economy and an indispensable part of society, ensuring that every corner of the state, from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne, South Bend to Burns Harbor, and Silver Lake, is connected and serviced. Their contribution and impact are far-reaching, forming a vital part of Indiana’s journey to growth and prosperity.


  1. What are the highest paying best trucking companies in Indiana?

    • Compensation varies, but companies like Venture Logistics and Baylor Trucking are known for their competitive pay scales.

  2. What trucking company is best for beginners in Indiana?

    • Baylor Trucking, being a family-owned business, offers a conducive environment for beginners.

  3. Why are so many truckers from Indiana?

    • Indiana’s strategic location and strong infrastructure make it a natural hub for the trucking industry. Also, many trucking companies in the state create numerous job opportunities.

  4. What company is best for truck driving in Indiana?

    • While this depends on individual preferences, both Venture Logistics and Baylor Trucking are highly regarded in the industry for their professional and friendly service.

  5. Why is Indiana important to the trucking industry?

    • Indiana’s central location, excellent infrastructure, and large number of trucking companies make it crucial to the trucking industry.

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