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Trucking Companies in Nevada (updated for 2024)

In the realm of transportation, Nevada, especially Las Vegas, stands tall as a critical logistics hub. With its favorable location, Nevada serves as a vibrant playground for trucking companies. But what is it about the trucking companies in Nevada that makes them unique? Let’s buckle up and take a ride through the Nevada trucking company landscape.

Full List Of Trucking Companies In Nevada

Capurro Trucking

  • Website: Capurro Trucking

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, flatbeds

  • Description: Specializes in trucking services for the construction industry.

Tilt Logistics

  • Website: Tilt Logistics

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, refrigerated trucks

  • Description: Provides logistics services, including temperature-controlled transportation.

Sierra Rental & Transport

  • Website: Sierra Rental & Transport

  • Trucks: Water trucks, end dumps

  • Description: Specializes in transportation for the mining and construction industry.

Swift Transportation

  • Website: Swift Transportation

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, refrigerated trucks, flatbeds

  • Description: A leader in transportation services across the continental United States.

Truline Corporation

  • Website: Truline Corporation

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, flatbeds

  • Description: Provides full-service trucking solutions, including freight and warehousing services.

Bennett International Group

  • Website: Bennett International Group

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, flatbeds, specialized trailers

  • Description: Offers diversified transportation services, including logistics and supply chain management.

Greatwide Truckload Management

  • Website: Greatwide Truckload Management

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, refrigerated trucks

  • Description: Provides reliable, nationwide truckload transport and logistics services.

NV Transport Inc

  • Website: NV Transport Inc

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, flatbeds

  • Description: Specializes in over-the-road and LTL freight transportation.

McLane Company

  • Website: McLane Company

  • Trucks: Refrigerated trucks, semi-trailers

  • Description: A leading supply chain service provider, delivering groceries and merchandise to businesses.

Estes Express Lines

  • Website: Estes Express Lines

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, refrigerated trucks

  • Description: Offers comprehensive freight transportation and logistics services.

Old Dominion Freight Line

  • Website: Old Dominion Freight Line

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers

  • Description: Offers regional, inter-regional, and national LTL services.


  • Website: Freymiller

  • Trucks: Refrigerated Trucks

  • Description: Specializes in temperature-controlled freight services.

YRC Freight

  • Website: YRC Freight

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers

  • Description: Provides LTL and full load freight services.

Saia LTL Freight

  • Website: Saia LTL Freight

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers

  • Description: Offers regional and interregional LTL services.


  • Website: Schneider

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers, Tanker Trucks

  • Description: A broad portfolio of transportation, logistics, and supply chain management services.

Crete Carrier Corporation

  • Website: Crete Carrier Corporation

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers

  • Description: One of the largest privately-owned trucking companies in the country.

Knight Transportation

  • Website: Knight Transportation

  • Trucks: Semi-trailers

  • Description: Offers a variety of trucking services across North America.

Landstar System

  • Website: Landstar System

  • Trucks: Flatbeds, step decks, heavy/specialized

  • Description: Provides integrated transport management solutions.

Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Marten Transport

  • Website: Marten Transport

  • Trucks: Refrigerated Trucks

  • Description: Specializes in transporting food and other consumer packaged goods.

Annual truck driver salary in NEVADA

Company Average Salary
Capurro Trucking $65,000
Tilt Logistics $60,000
Sierra Rental & Transport $62,000
Swift Transportation $55,000
Truline Corporation $60,000
Bennett International Group $70,000
Greatwide Truckload Management $65,000
NV Transport Inc $60,000
McLane Company $70,000
Estes Express Lines $65,000
Old Dominion Freight Line $70,000
Freymiller $55,000
YRC Freight $67,000
Saia LTL Freight $65,000

The Significance of Trucking in Nevada

With Las Vegas at its heart, Nevada is a gateway between the West Coast and the rest of the country, forming a strategic location for trucking companies. These companies provide essential transportation services, transporting various materials from mining and commercial industries, thereby keeping the wheels of Nevada’s economic machinery in motion.

Prominent Trucking Companies in Nevada

Nevada is home to some of the top trucking companies in the country. These companies, established in Las Vegas NV, have built a strong reputation for their reliable service and professional drivers. Let’s delve into five such businesses:

Capurro Trucking

Capurro Trucking, a transportation company that specializes in long-distance deliveries, stands out due to its reliable service and extensive freight services. Its operations also extend to Southern California, making it a vital player for business in the Southwestern United States.

Tilt Logistics

Tilt Logistics is another key player in the transportation services sector, known for its delivery precision and swift transportation. Their logistics expertise extends to freight forwarding, serving clients and businesses in Las Vegas and beyond.

Sierra Rental & Transport

Sierra Rental & Transport, a unique company offering specialized transportation for oversized equipment and materials, has set its firm foot in the Nevada trucking industry. It takes pride in operating its fleet of water trucks and end dumps, serving unique needs in the mining sector.

Truline Corporation

Truline Corporation is a single truck operator turned large-scale company. It offers dependable solutions for businesses’ transportation needs, serving the entire West Coast, including Las Vegas NV. Its professional team of drivers ensures efficient delivery of customers’ freight needs.

Swift Transportation

Finally, Swift Transportation is celebrated for its vast network of trucks and well-trained drivers. As a company, it has a strong presence in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Continental United States, serving various industries and providing reliable transportation solutions.

Identifying the Best Trucking Companies

To identify the best trucking companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, and beyond, businesses should consider factors like the company’s safety record, customer service, adaptability, and the company’s success and embrace of technology. Companies like Capurro Trucking and Sierra Rental stand out in these respects.

The Future of Trucking in Nevada

With advancements in technology and growing freight and transportation needs, Nevada’s trucking industry is looking at a bright future. The state’s position makes it an ideal location for growth and expansion, offering numerous job opportunities for drivers, logistics managers, other carriers and other industry professionals.


Nevada’s trucking industry, with its focus on service, delivery, and reliability, is an economic cornerstone. From companies like Capurro Trucking and Swift Transportation to the challenges and opportunities it presents, gaining an understanding of this industry can offer valuable insights for customers, job seekers, employees, and policy makers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Nevada a good state for trucking?

    Yes, with a strategic location, established trucking companies, and a growing economy, Nevada, especially Las Vegas, is an excellent state for trucking.

  • Who is the highest paying OTR trucking company?

    While it varies, companies like Swift Transportation are known for offering competitive compensation for OTR drivers.

  • What is the highest paying trucking?

    Over-the-road (OTR) and specialized trucking, such as that involving oversized equipment, often offer higher pay.

  • What state is the biggest for trucking?

    While Texas is known for its significant number of trucking companies, Nevada, with its strategic location and established companies, also plays a major role in the industry.

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