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Trucking Companies in Maine (huge list)

The scenic state of Maine hosts a myriad of trucking companies that keep the economic pulse of the state beating. Whether you’re savouring a lobster caught off the coast of Portland or purchasing a locally crafted item in South Portland, chances are high a trucking company in Maine played a part in getting it to you.

List Of Trucking Companies In Maine

Hartt Transportation Systems

Trucks: Dry Vans, Refrigerated Trailers

Description: Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc. is a full-service trucking company offering a variety of transport services, including truckload, warehousing, brokerage, and logistics. With a commitment to safety and professional customer service, Hartt serves customers throughout the Eastern United States and Maritime Canada.

Phone : 207‐947‐2179

R.C. Moore, Inc.

Trucks: Dry Vans, Refrigerated Trailers

Description: R.C. Moore offers a range of services including long haul, regional, and dedicated freight. Known for its quality service and safety record, the company prides itself on its family atmosphere and support for its drivers.

Phone : 800-831-6362

Northeast Transport, Inc.

Trucks: Dry Vans, Refrigerated Trailers

Description: Northeast Transport offers domestic and international freight services. Specializing in refrigerated transport, the company is a trusted name in the fresh and frozen seafood transportation industry.

Phone : (207) 832-7300

Bluebird Express, LLC

Trucks: Dry Vans

Description: Bluebird Express is a dry goods transport and storage company, providing dependable service and quality customer care. They aim to deliver goods safely and on time, every time.

Phone : 516-255-0800 

Hutchins Trucking Company

Trucks: Dry Vans, Flatbeds

Description: Hutchins Trucking Company offers trucking and logistics services throughout Maine and New England. Known for their superior service and their commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, they provide reliable transportation solutions.

Phone : (207) 767-1692

H. E. Callahan Construction Co.

Trucks: Dump Trucks, Mixers

Description: This company primarily focuses on construction, but they have a fleet of trucks used for transporting materials and equipment. Their commitment to quality service extends to their trucking operations.

Phone : (207) 784-6927

Dysart’s Transportation

Trucks: Dry Vans, Refrigerated Trailers

Description: Dysart’s is a Maine-based company offering regional and long-haul freight services with a focus on customer satisfaction and timely delivery.

Ross Express

Trucks: Dry Vans

Description: Ross Express provides quality transportation services throughout the Northeast, known for their customer-centric approach and reliable service.

Poland Spring

Trucks: Tankers

Description: Poland Spring, known for its natural spring water, also has a robust transportation division ensuring the delivery of its products across the Northeast.

Phone : 1-800-477-7464

Dead River Company

Trucks: Tankers

Description: Primarily a heating service company, Dead River also maintains a fleet of trucks for transport of heating oil and propane.

McLane Company

Trucks: Dry Vans, Refrigerated Trailers

Description: McLane is a supply chain services company, providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions across the country.

Phone : (800) 299-1401

Blanchette Moving & Storage

Trucks: Moving Vans

Description: A family owned, full-service moving company serving both residential and commercial customers. They value customer satisfaction, professionalism, and efficiency.

Phone : 207-782-7429

Kris-Way Truck Leasing

Trucks: Leased Trucks (Various Types)

Description: As the largest independent truck leasing company in Maine, Kris-Way offers a full range of truck leasing services and solutions.

Phone : (800) 544-5747

Annual truck driver salary in Maine

Company Salary
Hartt Transportation Systems $62,000 - $72,000 per year
H.O. Bouchard Inc. $58,000 - $68,000 per year
Pottle's Transportation, LLC $55,000 - $65,000 per year
R.C. Moore, Inc. $52,000 - $60,000 per year
Pottle's Transportation, LLC $55,000 - $65,000 per year
Northeast Transport, Inc. $52,000 - $62,000 per year
Allegiance Trucking $54,000 - $64,000 per year
Bluebird Express, LLC $50,000 - $60,000 per year
Hutchins Trucking Company $52,000 - $62,000 per year
W.C. Cressey & Son, Inc. $50,000 - $60,000 per year
Mackie's Transport, Inc. $52,000 - $62,000 per year
Cassella Waste Systems $46,000 - $56,000 per year
Spurwink Services $48,000 - $58,000 per year
Bisson Transportation $52,000 - $62,000 per year
Prime, Inc. $58,000 - $68,000 per year

Why Trucking in Maine is Important

Economic Impact

Trucking is more than just an industry in Maine; it is a lifeblood. Trucking companies employ many professional drivers, serve a broad range of industries, and play a pivotal role in Maine’s economic landscape.

Role in Supply Chain

Trucking companies in Maine form the backbone of the state’s supply chain. Their services, from over the road hauling to yard management, ensure the seamless transportation of goods from producers to consumers.

Intricacies of Maine’s Trucking Industry

Regulations and Compliance

Every Maine trucking company must adhere to regulations set by the American Trucking Associations, ensuring safety and customer satisfaction. It takes an experienced team to navigate these regulations effectively.

Weather Challenges and Hard Work of Truck Drivers

Maine’s diverse weather can pose challenges for trucking. Harsh winters can make roads treacherous, and foggy conditions can reduce visibility. Yet, Maine’s trucking companies have adapted and excel at navigating these weather conditions, thanks to the hard work of their truck drivers.

The Role of Trucking Companies in Maine’s Supply Chain

Whether it is single truck that’s hauling seafood products from Portland’s docks or paper products from mills in inland Maine, trucking companies form an integral part of the supply chain. They are key in ensuring that businesses in Maine can operate effectively and efficiently.

Challenges and Solutions in Maine’s Trucking Business

Job Shortages in Trucking Jobs

Like many industries, trucking faces workforce shortages. However, many Maine companies are tackling this by offering competitive pay, benefits, and training programs to attract new drivers.

Ensuring Safety and Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency and emissions are an industry-wide concern. Maine’s trucking companies are meeting this challenge head-on by investing in modern, fuel-efficient fleets and exploring alternative fuels.

Future of Trucking in Maine and Transportation Services

The future of trucking in Maine is bright. Look for advancements in technology, such as autonomous vehicles and electric trucks, to play an increasingly significant role in the industry.


Whether you’re successful business, a producer needing to ship goods or a consumer awaiting a delivery, trucking companies in Maine play a vital role in your life. Despite the challenges, they continue to deliver day in and day out, keeping Maine’s economy rolling.


Who is the highest paying OTR trucking company?

The highest paying OTR trucking companies often vary based on factors such as location and experience level. It’s recommended to research and compare different companies to find the best fit for you.

What trucking company is best for beginners?

Many trucking companies offer training programs for beginners. Hutchins Trucking and Hartt Transportation Systems are two examples of companies that provide training for new drivers.

What is the highest paying trucking?

The highest paying trucking jobs often involve specialized hauls, like refrigerated hauling or hauling hazardous materials, which require additional training and certification.

What trucking company pays its drivers the most?

Pay can vary greatly between trucking companies, and it’s always a good idea to compare benefits in addition to pay. Companies such as Hutchins Trucking and Hartt Transportation Systems are known for offering competitive pay and benefits packages.

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