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Trucking Companies in New Jersey (new list)

Welcome to New Jersey, the Garden State known for its buzzing trucking industry. The trucking companies in New Jersey not only are essential for the state but also are a significant player in the nation’s supply chain.

Full list of trucking companies in New Jersey

  1. Trans American Trucking Service

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Flatbeds, specialized heavy haul, dry vans

    • Description: A leading provider of project logistics and heavy haul trucking services in North America.

    • Phone : 800-797-2643

  2. JCI Transportation

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Straight trucks, tractor trailers

    • Description: A family owned logistics provider offering a wide range of transportation and logistics solutions.

    • Phone : 856-488-9200

  3. Tucker Company Worldwide

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Flatbeds, dry vans, refrigerated trailers

    • Description: A family owned, third generation freight brokerage specializing in heavy haul and over-dimensional freight.

    • Phone : 856-317-9600

  4. Dameo Trucking Inc.

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Box trucks, straight trucks

    • Description: A privately owned, New Jersey based trucking company, providing a range of services from local delivery to long haul.

    • Phone : (908) 722-1234

  5. NFI Industries

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Dry vans, refrigerated trailers

    • Description: A fully integrated supply chain solutions provider offering logistics, distribution, warehousing, intermodal, real estate, and solar services across the U.S. and Canada.

    • Phone : 877-696-3409

  6. J. Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging Co., Inc.

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Specialized heavy haul, rigging equipment

    • Description: Specializes in heavy haul trucking and is considered a leading service provider in the heavy haul trucking industry.

    • Phone : 201-299-1100.

  7. Estes Express Lines

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Dry vans, flatbeds

    • Description: One of the largest freight transportation providers in America, Estes is a full-service freight transportation provider.

    • Phone : 1-866-378-3748

  8. RIST Transport Ltd.

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Dry vans

    • Description: A reputable LTL carrier providing service throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and beyond.

    • Phone : (315) 789-8871

  9. XPO Logistics

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Dry vans, flatbeds, less-than-truckload (LTL)

    • Description: A top ten global provider of transportation and logistics services, with a highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets.

    • Phone : (800) 755-2728

  1. Cowan Systems, LLC

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Dry vans

    • Description: A full service transportation and logistics company with operations nationwide.

    • Phone : (800) 882-6926

  2. UPS Freight

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Package cars, tractor-trailers

    • Description: UPS Freight is one of the largest less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers in the U.S. and offers both LTL and truckload job opportunities.

    • Phone : 18007425877

  3. YRC Freight

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Dry vans, flatbeds

    • Description: YRC Freight is the original LTL (less than truckload) carrier that’s served the U.S., Canada, and Mexico for nearly a century.

    • Phone : 1-800-610-6500.

  4. R&L Carriers

    • Website:

    • Truck Types: Dry vans

    • Description: R+L Carriers is a global freight shipping company that specializes in LTL, truckload, logistics, warehousing and more.

    • Phone : 800-543-5589

Annual truck driver salary in New Jersey

Company Salary Range
Trans American Trucking Service $55,000 - $70,000
JCI Transportation $52,000 - $65,000
MJD Trucking $54,000 - $68,000
Tucker Company Worldwide $53,000 - $67,000
Dameo Trucking Inc. $50,000 - $64,000
NFI Industries $52,000 - $66,000
New England Motor Freight $51,000 - $65,000
J. Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging Co., Inc. $56,000 - $72,000
Carlson's Trucking $50,000 - $63,000
A. Duie Pyle $53,000 - $66,000
Estes Express Lines $55,000 - $69,000
RIST Transport Ltd. $52,000 - $65,000
XPO Logistics $54,000 - $67,000
FedEx Freight $55,000 - $70,000
Cowan Systems, LLC $51,000 - $64,000

New Jersey Trucking Companies Landscape

This land of opportunities is home to many prominent trucking companies offering a variety of services.

Services Provided by Trucking Companies in New Jersey

These companies offer a wide array of trucking services. From local small delivery service to long-haul trucking, refrigerated van trailers for frozen freight, and even high security intermodal trucking – they do it all.

Factors Influencing the Growth of Jersey Trucking Companies

New Jersey’s strategic location and robust infrastructure have positively influenced the growth of trucking companies. It’s proximity to the east coast and major cities make it an ideal base for trucking companies.

Top 5 Trucking Companies in New Jersey

Here are five leading trucking companies making their mark in New Jersey.

Trans American Trucking Service

Trans American Trucking Service is a full service logistics provider, offering exceptional customer service. As a top trucking company, it is known for its timely delivery and extensive fleet.

JCI Transportation

A family owned logistics provider, JCI Transportation is a trusted provider for all your transportation solutions. It specializes in LTL freight, intermodal services, and project logistics.

MJD Trucking

Based in South Plainfield, MJD Trucking is renowned for its cold storage warehouse facilities and high security shipments. They have made a name for themselves in the trucking services arena with their real time tracking software.

Tucker Company Worldwide

The Tucker Company Worldwide, a family owned business based in Jersey City, offers full service transportation. With a rich history and strong commitment to quality, they are industry experts.

Dameo Trucking Inc.

Dameo Trucking Inc., a privately owned, Jersey based trucking company, provides truckload services and specializes in heavy equipment transportation. They have built a reputation for their reliable services and extensive cold storage facilities.

Challenges Faced by Trucking Companies in New Jersey

New Jersey’s trucking companies are not without challenges.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying up-to-date with the latest regulations in the trucking industry is a hurdle that every trucking company in New Jersey has to overcome.

Truck Driver Shortages

Trucking companies also face the difficulty of finding skilled truck drivers. The need for CDL drivers is an ongoing issue in the industry.

Operational Costs

Rising fuel and maintenance costs continue to be a challenge for trucking companies in New Jersey.

Opportunities and Future Trends in the Jersey Trucking Industry

Despite these challenges, there are several opportunities and trends shaping the future of New Jersey’s trucking industry. With advancements in supply chain management and transportation management, the future looks promising.


Trucking companies in New Jersey form a crucial part of the state’s economic fabric. Despite the challenges, they continue to excel and play a pivotal role in keeping the wheels of the economy turning.


What trucking companies are in New Jersey?

There are numerous trucking companies in New Jersey. Some of the top ones include Trans American Trucking Service, JCI Transportation, MJD Trucking, Tucker Company Worldwide, and Dameo Trucking Inc. Each of these companies offers specialized services tailored to meet a variety of transportation needs.

How much does a truck driver make in NJ?

The salary of truck drivers in New Jersey varies based on factors such as experience, skills, and the type of driving (long haul or local). As of 2023, the average annual salary for a truck driver in New Jersey is approximately $54,000, with experienced drivers potentially earning up to $70,000 or more.

What is the easiest trucking company to get hired at?

The ease of getting hired at a trucking company depends on various factors such as your qualifications, experience, and the company’s specific requirements. However, companies like JCI Transportation and Tucker Company Worldwide are known for their supportive work environments and comprehensive training programs, making them good starting points for aspiring truck drivers.

What is the highest paying trucking company in New Jersey?

The pay scale can significantly vary among trucking companies. Companies like Trans American Trucking Service and MJD Trucking, with their extensive range of services and large client bases, are known to offer competitive compensation packages.

What are the future trends for trucking companies in New Jersey?

The future of the trucking industry in New Jersey is expected to be shaped by several trends. These include the increased use of technology for efficient supply chain management and transportation management, the growing importance of green and sustainable practices, and the adoption of autonomous vehicles and digital freight brokerage. Also, the industry is likely to see a higher demand for cold storage and delivery services due to the rise in online shopping and home delivery.

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