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Trucking Companies in Montana (full list)

Welcome to the world of trucking companies in Montana. In this vast, wide-open frontier, Montana trucking companies play a critical role in freight move, connecting the Treasure State to the entire state, North Dakota, South Dakota, and even reaching as far as Alaska and Canada.

Full list of trucking companies in Montana

Corcoran Trucking Inc

  • Website:

  • Description: Billings-based family business specializing in flatbed and step deck transport.

  • Trucks: Mix of flatbed and step deck trailers.

  • Phone : (800) 745-6065

Whitewood Transport

  • Website:

  • Description: Renowned for transporting U.S. Capitol Christmas tree, operating across the lower 48 and Canada.

  • Trucks: Kenworth T680s.

  • Phone : (406) 245.8030

Wilson Logistics

  • Website:

  • Description: Nationwide company with major operations in Montana, offering paid training for new drivers.

  • Trucks: Late-model Peterbilt trucks.

  • Phone : 8665008404

Sammons Trucking

  • Website:

  • Description: Missoula-based company with heavy haul and flatbed services.

  • Trucks: Diverse fleet focusing on heavy haul and flatbed.

Interstate Distributor Co

  • Website:

  • Description: Offers a wide range of services including long-haul and dedicated fleet services.

  • Trucks: Wide variety of truck types.

  • Phone : (319) 626-3600

Matheson Inc

  • Website:

  • Description: Offers specialized handling, long-haul, and regional services.

  • Trucks: Variety of truck types.

  • Phone : 18004557678

Haney Truck Line

  • Website:

  • Description: Offers diverse transportation services, serving the Pacific Northwest.

  • Trucks: Variety of truck types, including heavy haul.

  • Phone : 8665008404

DTS, Inc.

  • Website:

  • Description: Great Falls-based company, offers wide range of trucking services across U.S.

  • Trucks: Extensive, diverse fleet.

  • Phone : 1-800-755-5855

Hi-Ball Trucking

  • Website:

  • Description: Provides long-haul and short-haul trucking services.

  • Trucks: Various types, late models.

  • Phone : (406) 656.6700

XPO Logistics

  • Website:

  • Description: Offers broad range of transport and logistics services nationwide.

  • Trucks: Various types.

  • Phone : (800) 755-2728

Mountain Valley Express

  • Website:

  • Description: Montana-based, family-owned, provides LTL and full-load shipping.

  • Trucks: Variety, specializing in LTL.

  • Phone : (800) 237-9669

Annual truck driver salary in Montana

Company Salary
Corcoran Trucking Inc $52,000 - $62,000 annually
Whitewood Transport Average $60,000 annually
Wilson Logistics $55,000 - $65,000 annually
Sammons Trucking Around $55,000 annually
Interstate Distributor Co Approximately $50,000 annually
Jim Palmer Trucking $43,000 to $63,000 annually
Doug Andrus Distributing Around $55,000 annually
Matheson Inc Approximately $45,000 annually
Watkins Shepard Around $50,000 annually
Haney Truck Line $45,000 - $65,000 annually
DTS, Inc. Around $45,000 annually
Hi-Ball Trucking Approximately $50,000 annually
XPO Logistics About $40,000 annually
Mountain Valley Express Around $45,000 annually
Lunderby Trucking, LLC Approximately $60,000 annually

The Trucking Industry: Montana’s Backbone

Delving into the realm of trucking in Montana reveals a vibrant, essential industry.

The Role of Trucking Companies in Montana’s Economy

The trucking industry is the backbone of Montana’s economy. Think about a single truck hauling produce from Missoula to Billings, Montana, or heavy equipment across the state for hard rock mining operations. It’s a small part of the industry’s diverse portfolio but vital for businesses in Montana.

A Snapshot of Montana’s Vibrant Trucking Scene

From the best trucking companies serving clients in Miles City to the small trucking company offering dedicated services in Great Falls, many trucking companies are making their mark in the state.

Broad Range of Services Offered by Trucking Companies in Montana

Whether it’s a single truck hauling produce or a larger logistics operation, trucking companies in Montana offer a wide range of services.

Full Truckload Services

For larger loads, the best trucking companies in Montana, like XPO Logistics, offer full truckload services, ensuring that the entire truck is dedicated to your freight.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Services

For smaller loads, Montana trucking companies offer Less-than-Truckload (LTL) services. It’s perfect for customers whose shipments don’t require a full truck.

Specialized Services: Intermodal Services, Livestock Hauling, and More

Looking for more specialized services? Many trucking companies in Montana offer intermodal services, livestock hauling, and more.

Incorporating Technology: A Game Changer for Montana’s Trucking Industry

From Montana Billings to Great Falls, trucking companies are integrating technology into their operations.

Advancements in Trucking Technology

Trucking technology has come a long way. From GPS tracking systems to advanced logistics solutions, these technologies make the industry more efficient.

How Montana Trucking Companies are Leveraging Technology

Companies in Montana are leveraging these technologies for their benefit. Take Corcoran Trucking, for instance. This trucking company in Montana has embraced these technologies, leading to improved service for their customers.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry in Montana faces challenges, but it’s the response to these challenges that separates the best trucking companies from the rest.

Current Industry Challenges: From the Oil Business to Driver Shortages

Montana’s trucking industry has weathered many storms, from changes in the oil business to driver shortages. But Montana trucking companies have shown resilience, navigating these challenges with aplomb.

Future Opportunities: The Sky’s the Limit

As for the future, the sky’s the limit. From the emerging trend of autonomous vehicles to the exploration of green technology, opportunities abound for trucking companies in Montana.

Selecting the Best Trucking Company in Montana

Choosing the best trucking company in Montana is not as simple as it sounds.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trucking Company

When selecting a trucking company, consider factors like their reputation, services offered, and their customs trade partnership.

Steps to Picking the Right Trucking Company

Research, compare, and then make your decision. This method will ensure you select the best trucking company for your needs.


From understanding the pivotal role trucking companies in Montana play to highlighting the key players and services they offer, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the trucking industry in the Treasure State. Trucking in Montana is more than just transportation – it’s a symbol of hard work, dedication, and the state’s unfaltering spirit.


Who is the highest paying OTR trucking company?

While salaries can vary, some of the best trucking companies like XPO Logistics and Wilson Logistics are known for offering competitive pay to their drivers.

What is the highest paying trucking?

Specialized trucking services like hauling hazardous materials or oversized loads often command higher pay.

What company has the highest paid truck drivers?

This can vary, but some reports suggest companies like XPO Logistics and Wilson Logistics have some of the highest paid truck drivers in the industry.

What state is the biggest for trucking?

As of the latest data, Texas is considered the biggest state for trucking due to its large size, population, and amount of goods transported. However, Montana also has a robust trucking industry that significantly contributes to the state’s economy.

Why are trucking companies in Montana important for the local economy?

Trucking companies in Montana are critical as they provide essential transportation services, which facilitate commerce and support various sectors like agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. They also create jobs, contributing to the state’s economic health.

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