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Trucking Companies in Idaho (extensive)

Trucking companies in Idaho stand tall with their diverse array of freight, logistics, and transportation solutions. Trucking companies in Idaho play a crucial role in the state’s economy, providing quality service, transportation services to customers, and trucking jobs to thousands of residents. These companies, including family owned trucking company businesses and long haul trucking companies, are the backbone of Idaho’s bustling transportation industry.

Trucking Companies in Idaho

Among the top trucking companies in Idaho, you’ll find gems like Corthell Transportation and Doug Andrus Distributing. But let’s dive a little deeper and explore some other shining stars.

Doug Andrus Distributing

  • Website

  • Phone : 208.533.6700

  • Doug Andrus Distributing operates a fleet of Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner trucks.

Corthell Transportation

  • Website

  • Phone : +1 307-462-2022

  • Corthell Transportation specializes in refrigerated freight and operates mainly Volvo trucks.

May Trucking Company

  • Website

  • Phone : (503) 393-7030

  • May Trucking Company, primarily driving Freightliner and Peterbilt trucks, provides transportation services across North America.

Giltner Inc

  • Website

  • Phone : (208) 324-4486

  • Giltner Inc offers both refrigerated and dry freight services, utilizing a fleet of Freightliner trucks.

Haney Truck Line

  • Website

  • Phone : (866) 500-8404

  • Haney Truck Line operates Kenworth trucks and specializes in various transportation services.

Idaho Milk Transport Inc

  • Website

  • Phone : 208-878-5000 Ext. 100

  • This company transports dairy products across the US and Canada using Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks.

Gem State Distributors

  • Website

  • Phone : 1.800-234-1525

  • Gem State Distributors specialize in distributing grocery products using Freightliner trucks.

KTS Trucking

  • Website

  • Phone : (315) 690-1399

  • KTS Trucking, primarily operating Kenworth trucks, specializes in over-the-road freight services.

Knife River Corporation

  • Knife River uses Mack trucks for construction materials and contracting services.

Graham Trucking Inc

  • Website

  • Phone : 206-763-9734

  • Graham Trucking operates Freightliner and Peterbilt trucks, offering various trucking services.

Navajo Express

  • Website

  • Phone : 800-525-1969

  • Navajo Express, with its fleet of International trucks, offers nationwide trucking services.

Cooke Trucking

  • Website

  • Phone : (800) 888-9502

  • Cooke Trucking operates Kenworth trucks and specializes in hauling dry freight.

Kelley’s Trucking Inc

  • Website

  • Phone : (303) 279-4150

  • This company uses Mack trucks for their diverse freight services.

Kuna Caves Storage LLC

  • Website

  • Phone : (208) 922-5507

  • This company operates Freightliner trucks for transportation and storage services.

Lewiston Trucking Inc

  • Phone : 716-754-4111

  • This company operates Kenworth trucks, offering a variety of hauling services.

Clark Trucking Inc

  • Website

  • Phone : (831) 385-3204

  • Clark Trucking operates Mack and Peterbilt trucks and offers diversified transportation services.

D&D Transportation Services Inc

  • Website

  • Phone : (800) 223-7671

  • D&D Transportation operates a fleet of Volvo and Freightliner trucks.

Trucking Company Pay in Idaho (Annual Salary)

Company Salary
Corthell Transportation$55,000 - $65,000
May Trucking CompanyAround $60,000
Doug Andrus DistributingApproximately $65,000
Giltner Inc$60,000 - $70,000
Haney Truck LineAround $70,000
Idaho Milk Transport Inc$55,000 - $65,000
Gem State Distributors$45,000 - $55,000
Transystems LLC$50,000 - $60,000
CTI IncAround $55,000
KTS Trucking$60,000 - $70,000
Knife River CorporationAround $50,000
Graham Trucking Inc$60,000 - $70,000
Navajo Express$55,000 - $65,000
Cooke Trucking$50,000 - $60,000
Kelley's Trucking IncAround $60,000
Kuna Caves Storage LLCAround $50,000
King Services$50,000 - $60,000
Lewiston Trucking IncAround $55,000
Clark Trucking IncAround $55,000
D&D Transportation Services Inc$60,000 - $70,000

Idaho’s Trucking Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

trucking companies in Idaho face unique challenges like Idaho’s diverse driving conditions and the occasional mountain road closure. However, they are always ready to tackle these challenges with their fleet of professional drivers and well-maintained equipment.

Despite the challenges, there’s an abundance of opportunities. From trucking jobs to new service areas, Idaho’s trucking industry is expanding. The transportation services sector is also seeing growth, especially in areas like long-haul and heavy haul services.

Working in Idaho’s Trucking Companies

Working for a trucking company in Idaho is more than just a job; it’s a career. The industry offers a plethora of trucking jobs, from long-haul truck drivers to logistics coordinators. With companies like Doug Andrus Distributing and Killpack Trucking, professionals can expect a rewarding career with excellent customer service and reliable service.


Idaho is a hub of some of the best trucking companies in the US. With a commitment to quality service, safety, and hard work, these trucking companies are helping to drive Idaho’s economy forward. Whether you’re seeking a reliable trucking company for your business or looking to start a new career, Idaho’s trucking companies are the way to go.


  1. What is the highest paying truck driving company in Idaho?

    • The highest paying truck driving company varies, but companies like Doug Andrus Distributing and Gary Amoth Trucking are known for competitive pay.

  2. What is the best entry-level trucking company in Idaho?

    • For entry-level positions, Super T Transport Inc. and Killpack Trucking offer excellent opportunities for newcomers to the industry.

  3. What state is the biggest for trucking?

    • While Idaho has a strong presence in the trucking industry, Texas is often considered the biggest state for trucking due to its size and extensive road network.

  4. What company is best for truck driving in Idaho?

    • There are many top-notch trucking companies in Idaho. Companies like Killpack Trucking, Handy Truck Line, and Doug Andrus Distributing are known for their exceptional service, well-maintained equipment, and commitment to their drivers.

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