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Trucking Companies in Florida (extensive)

Enthralling and essential, trucking companies across the globe play a vital role in our everyday lives. More so in Florida, where trucking companies form the backbone of the Sunshine State’s economy. With this article, we explore the role of trucking companies in Florida and the opportunities they offer to truck drivers.

Trucking companies in Florida

Williams Trucking Company

A family-owned business with a standout safety record, Williams Trucking Company operates with a range of trucks, including tractor-trailers and flatbeds. They are continually hiring truck drivers.


Phone: (813)752-8210

Lake Trucking Company

Based in Dade City, Lake Trucking Company utilizes a wide array of trucks, including refrigerated trucks for perishable cargo. The company regularly posts truck driver positions.


Phone: 352-326-8808

Armellini Express Lines Inc.

A long-standing company operating a fleet of reefer trucks, Armellini Express Lines frequently recruits new drivers.


Phone: 1-800-327-7887

Marten Transport, Ltd

One of the leaders in the transportation services industry, Marten Transport is frequently hiring experienced truck drivers. They utilize various types of trucks for different logistics needs.


Phone: +1 (855) 336-1734

Davis Express

A refrigerated truck carrier, Davis Express frequently recruits drivers for Southeastern routes.


Phone: 800-874-4270

Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc.

A premier petroleum, chemical, and dry bulk tank carrier in the Southeast, they are frequently recruiting truck drivers.


Phone: 904-396-5733

Raven Transport

Operating mainly tractor-trailers, Raven Transport often seeks qualified truck drivers.


B.R. Williams

Operating since 1958, B.R. Williams frequently recruits drivers for its fleet of dry van trucks.


Phone: (256) 831-5580


A global logistics company operating a fleet of heavy-duty trucks, Crowley is continually looking for experienced drivers.


Phone: +19047272200

Landstar Ranger, Inc.

Landstar Ranger operates with a variety of trucks and often posts truck driver positions.


Phone: 8008729400

AAA Cooper Transportation

Operating a range of trucks including flatbeds and dry vans, AAA Cooper Transportation regularly hires truck drivers.


Phone: (334) 793-2284

National Trucking Company

National Trucking Company operates a wide array of trucks and regularly recruits experienced drivers.


Phone: (800) 835-9180

Top Trucking Companies in Florida

Let’s dive into some of the best trucking companies and their unique features in the Florida trucking scene.

Williams Trucking Company

A family-owned business with a standout safety record, Williams Trucking Company offers service trucking throughout Florida, and is recognized for its commitment to customer satisfaction.

East Florida Hauling

As an undisputed leader in the east coast trucking business, East Florida Hauling has made its mark with a large fleet and advanced technology. This company provides all your transportation needs in a timely manner.

Inland Transport

Known for its outstanding service, Inland Transport is a top player in the trucking business. With its chassis fleet, truck hub and a cloud-based system, it offers full-service logistics.

Lake Trucking Company

Based in Dade City, Lake Trucking Company is a family-owned and operated business. This trucking company excels in moving cargo, especially perishable cargo, and offers competitive pricing.

Greene Transport Company

Also a family-owned and operated business, the Greene Transport Company located in Plant City, specializes in the long haul and last mile delivery services.

Why Choose Florida?

The high demand for freight shipping coupled with a flourishing transportation industry, makes Florida a great place for the trucking business.

Opportunities for Truck Drivers in Florida

Florida trucking companies offer many opportunities to truck drivers. With competitive pay scales, comprehensive training programs, and growth opportunities, truck drivers can find lucrative careers here.


Trucking companies in Florida play a crucial role in both local and national economies. With robust infrastructure, strategic location, and high demand, Florida is truly a vibrant hub for trucking companies.


  1. What services do trucking companies in Florida offer? Trucking companies in Florida offer a wide array of services. These range from full-service logistics, last mile delivery, long-haul freight, local trucking, transportation of building materials, container deliveries, to climate-controlled freight for perishable goods. They cater to various sectors including retail, food, manufacturing, and more. Some also offer comprehensive transportation solutions, taking care of all aspects of transportation, including planning, routing, and tracking.

  2. What are the top trucking companies in Florida? Some of the top trucking companies in Florida include Williams Trucking Company, East Florida Hauling, Inland Transport, Lake Trucking Company, and Greene Transport Company. Each of these companies has a reputation for excellent service, customer satisfaction, and a range of services catered to meet different transportation needs.

  3. What opportunities are available for truck drivers in Florida? Florida presents numerous opportunities for truck drivers. Due to the state’s strategic location, there’s a high demand for freight services, leading to regular openings for truck driving positions. These positions can range from local delivery jobs to long-haul trucking opportunities. Truck drivers can also find jobs in different sectors like food, retail, manufacturing, and many others. Additionally, many Florida trucking companies offer comprehensive training programs and growth opportunities, making it an ideal place for both beginner and experienced truck drivers.

  4. How can a truck driver choose the right trucking company in Florida? Choosing the right trucking company depends on several factors. Firstly, the driver should consider the type of work they are interested in (local, regional, or long-haul) and choose a company that offers those opportunities. Other factors to consider include pay scale, benefits, the reputation of the company, and opportunities for growth and advancement. Checking online reviews and speaking with current or former employees can also provide valuable insight.

  5. What are the challenges of the trucking business in Florida? While Florida’s trucking industry presents numerous opportunities, it’s not without challenges. Traffic congestion, particularly in heavily populated areas like Miami, can affect delivery times and increase fuel costs. Additionally, weather conditions such as hurricanes can impact logistics and delivery schedules. Changes in fuel prices and regulatory changes can also pose challenges for the trucking business in Florida. Despite these challenges, the industry continues to thrive, providing essential services to both the local and national economy.

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