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Trucking Companies in Delaware (14 companies)

If you’ve found your way here, you’re likely interested in trucking companies in Delaware. Well, you’ve hit the jackpot! We’re not just listing companies; we’re providing the inside scoop about the trucking industry in the state. Let’s shift gears and get started!

Trucking companies in Delaware

Reed Trucking

A family-owned and operated trucking company known for reliability and top-tier service. They operate a range of trucks including dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds.

Phone: 800-441-8347

Rifenburg Trucking

They specialize in bulk transportation, operating dry bulk trailers and tankers.

Phone: (302)349-5969

Ron English Trucking

A small family-owned business offering dedicated LTL and full truckload services with a fleet of dry vans and flatbeds.

Phone: (302)-421-3522

Delmarva Transportation

Specializes in refrigerated and frozen freight services with a fleet of modern refrigerated trailers.

Phone: (302) 349-0840

Tri-State Trucking

Known for their dedicated delivery and logistics services, they mainly operate dry vans and flatbeds.

Phone: 302-832-8096

Mawson and Mawson

The oldest Class A carrier in America, they operate flatbed trucks for diverse industries.

Phone: (800) 262-9766

Delaware Express

Specializes in expedited freight services, operating a fleet of sprinter vans and straight trucks.

Phone: 1+ 302 454 7800

Venezia Transport

A bulk transportation specialist, they operate tankers and dry bulk trailers. URL:

Phone: +18005235572

FedEx Freight

A globally recognized name offering a wide range of shipping services. They operate a variety of trucks including dry vans.

Phone: 1.800.332.0807

Yellow Corporation

One of the largest freight shipping companies in the U.S., they mainly operate dry vans.

Phone: (800) 610-6500.

Knight Transportation

Known for their reliable truckload and logistics services. They operate a variety of trucks including dry vans.

Phone: 888-456-4448

Dayton Freight

Specializing in LTL freight services, they operate a range of trucks including dry vans.

Phone: 800.860.5102


They offer a range of services from LTL to supply chain management. Their fleet includes dry vans.

Phone: 412-232-3015

Old Dominion Freight Line

A leading LTL carrier offering comprehensive national coverage. They operate a fleet of dry vans.

Phone: 1-800-235-5569

Opportunities for Truck Drivers in Delaware

For you, the truck driver, Delaware offers a wealth of trucking jobs and career opportunities.

Trucking Jobs and Careers

What makes a trucking career in Delaware attractive? A plethora of trucking companies, from small family-operated businesses to other carriers and larger corporations, are always looking for skilled drivers. You’ll find trucking jobs that fit your expertise and preferences, whether it’s for LTL services, hauling, or specialized transport like refrigerated or bulk.

How to Find Trucking Jobs in Delaware

For a truck driver eager to find trucking jobs in Delaware, start your search online. Many top trucking companies post job vacancies on their websites or job boards. Make sure to check out Reed Trucking, Rifenburg Trucking, and Ron English Trucking.

Services Provided by Trucking Companies in Delaware

Delaware trucking companies offer an array of services. These range from LTL services for smaller loads to specialized transportation services like hauling dry and liquid materials.

LTL Services

Many trucking companies in Delaware, such as Ron English Trucking, offer Less Than Truckload (LTL) services. This is ideal if you’re shipping a smaller load that doesn’t require a full trailer.

Technological Advancements in the Trucking Industry

Embracing technology is another aspect that sets Delaware trucking companies apart. By incorporating the latest tech, employees say they ensure efficiency, safety, and reliability in their operations.


Whether you’re a truck driver seeking opportunities or a small business in need of transportation services, Delaware’s vibrant trucking industry has you covered. With a host of top-notch trucking companies, rest assured you’re in safe hands.


What are some of the top trucking companies in Delaware?

  • Some of the top trucking companies include Reed Trucking, Rifenburg Trucking, and Ron English Trucking.

Where can I find trucking jobs in Delaware?

  • You can find trucking jobs on company websites or online job boards.

What services do Delaware trucking companies offer?

  • They offer a range of services including LTL services, dry and liquid materials transportation, and delivery and hauling services.

What sets Delaware trucking companies apart?

  • Their commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and use of the latest technology sets them apart.

Is Delaware a good place for a trucking career?

  • Yes, Delaware offers numerous opportunities for truck drivers, given the state’s vibrant trucking industry.

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