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Guide on How to Start a Trucking Dispatch Company [STEP BY STEP]


  1. What qualifications do I need to become a truck dispatcher? While a high school diploma is often sufficient, knowledge of the trucking industry and business acumen can be beneficial. There are also online courses available to help you get started.

  2. What’s the average salary of a truck dispatcher? The average salary for a truck dispatcher varies greatly depending on factors like the size of your operations, the number of clients you serve, and the region you operate in.

  3. What are the operating expenses for a truck dispatching business? Operating expenses will include salaries for truck dispatchers, subscription fees for load boards, and costs for equipment and software.

  4. How many truck dispatchers do I need for a small trucking dispatch company? The number of truck dispatchers you need will depend on the volume of work. As your business grows, you may need to hire more truck dispatchers.

  5. Do truck dispatchers need to have customer service experience? While not mandatory, having customer service experience can be an asset. A truck dispatcher often needs to handle phone calls and address issues raised by truck drivers or clients, so good communication skills are essential.

Intro to Truck Dispatching

Considering launching a truck dispatching business? Excellent choice! The trucking industry is a vibrant, ever-moving world where a truck dispatcher plays a crucial role. But how does one become a truck dispatcher? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This guide will explain step by step how to start a trucking dispatch company, enabling you to offer independent truck dispatcher services.

The Role of a Truck Dispatcher in the Trucking Industry

To be a successful truck dispatcher, you need to understand truck dispatching and the part it plays in the freight industry.

What does a Truck Dispatcher do?

A truck dispatcher is the critical point of contact between truck drivers and clients. A day in the life of a truck dispatcher begins with coordinating freight assignments, planning transport routes, and managing schedules. They troubleshoot scheduling and freight issues and ensure the smooth operation of the trucking company.

Why is Truck Dispatching Important?

Truck dispatchers are vital to the transportation industry. They are the bridge between the truck drivers and the clients, handling everything from cargo loads to potential crises. A truck dispatcher’s role is similar to a freight dispatcher, but they specifically work with truck drivers and trucking companies.

Steps to Become a Truck Dispatcher

Ready to start your own business in the trucking industry? Follow these steps:

Conduct Market Research

Just as a truck dispatcher assesses available freight drivers to match with relevant loads, you need to identify your potential clients, understand other trucking companies, and evaluate the demand for dispatch service in your area. Market research is as essential to your independent dispatcher business as a high-quality load board is to your operations.

Create a Business Plan

With your research in hand, it’s time to map out your business plan. Your plan should outline your goals, strategies, financial projections, and operational structure for your truck dispatching business.

Navigate Legal Requirements

Similar to how truck dispatchers navigate transport routes, you need to navigate the legal landscape. Register your business as a limited liability company or another business structure that suits your needs, ensure you meet industry regulations, and have a service agreement in place.

Invest in Equipment and Software

Acquiring reliable communication devices, advanced GPS systems, and a load board subscription is crucial. A load board subscription working in tandem with efficient dispatch software will drive your operations forward. A high school diploma may be enough for an entry-level position, but you’ll need top-notch tools to run your truck dispatching business.

Hire and Train Staff

Just as you’d select a perfectly matching load for a truck, choose your staff carefully. Recruit experienced truck dispatchers and invest in their training. Your team can make or break your truck dispatching company.

Market Your Business and Acquire Clients

Your marketing strategy means building relationships with local businesses and larger trucking companies, as well as independent truck dispatchers. Develop your marketing strategies just as you would a route plan for a truck driver. Consider advertising in trucking magazines and on job boards to attract potential clients.

Tips for Running a Successful Truck Dispatching Business

To steer your truck dispatching business towards success, consider these tips:

Build Strong Industry Relationships

Just as truck dispatchers coordinate between various parties, you should network within the trucking industry. Strong relationships with freight brokers, freight dispatchers, and owner-operators can lead to more business opportunities.

Leverage Technology

In the freight industry, technology is as important as the trucks themselves. Stay updated with the latest tech trends and invest in top-quality load boards and dispatch software.


Starting a trucking dispatch company can be a rewarding venture, but it requires a detailed understanding of how to become a truck dispatcher, along with dedication and hard work. A well-planned business function, the right equipment, a competent team, and a relentless drive to succeed are the essential ingredients for a thriving dispatching business.

With a solid foundation in place, you can offer independent truck dispatcher services that stand out in the transportation industry. Whether you’re dealing with owner operators or small trucking companies, your dispatching business can become a vital link in the freight transportation ecosystem.

So, are you ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the trucking dispatcher world? It’s time to rev the engine and hit the road! Just as a truck dispatcher matches the right truck driver with the perfect load, you can match your skills and passion with the growing demand for truck dispatching services.

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